Inpatient Melody

One of the goals of Angels Rise U.P. is to bring awareness about mental health and those living with brain diseases. Our mission is to provide this awareness via creative ways through artwork, which will be presented in many forms. The work can vary from inspiring stories, random poetry, and subversive digital art. Some will calm the soul while others may offend. But this is the reality that many individuals across our globe experience every single day. Our goal is to educate through the arts.

Below is a poem written during an inpatient stay while in a manic state. Thank you for taking the time to journey into the mind of another.


Inpatient Melody

narrow passage to the room
decayed walls
putrid litter
things with wings
and battered legs
mold decorates between
muddied tiles
decoration is destructive
shadows illuminate the wasted faces
puzzled maniacs
Crayola girl hums
of a thousand blinks
and stares of the dead ones
your own soul
takes flight
locked in a room without mirrors
I kept the lights off
my own shadow disgusted
I’d bite the covers
walk naked amongst the voices
light bleeds through the slit in the door
enough to see the dirty of pale feet
musty and sweaty
smell of chaos
dusty clothes and dead skin
pulse in my ear
waves of loud silence
dancing white noise
ridiculed thoughts
the savory
of mind friends
that float amongst the dark
the beast is numbered in the dust
under the bed they creep
they claw against flesh
greasy hair against pillows
scars still ooze red
death lives on the outside
the inside
buried in ashes
unpleasant comedic thoughts
useless banter
random falls
humiliating deeds
Inpatient melody
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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