The Treatment Plan

Angels Rise U.P. Founder

Hello everyone, I’m PJ Stephens. I am the founder of Angels Rise U.P. but more importantly a survivor wanting to share my story in hopes of creating change surrounding the stigma of mental illness. I’m honored that you have chosen to take this journey with me.

The Treatment Plan:

March 31st 2021

I will be giving myself completely in every way to my community and this world. I will be allowing those on the outside into my mind and my life. I am going to pull the biggest warrior move of my life and blog all my appointments and the effects of such, that I have with my counselor and psychiatrists, M.M.P.’s (Med Management Providers) I will commit to truth and transparency in a way that I know for a fact after I upload much of my content I will contemplate deleting for fear of shame and even ridicule. But I will not do that. I absolutely cannot do that. It has to be raw and visceral. People need to see and begin to understand what many of us live with every day. I myself have been diagnosed as bipolar 1, CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and some other things. But those two are the main players of what I will be sharing with everyone.

Last week, Wednesday, I had my first couple of appointments with my treatment team at the V.A. (Veterans Administration) First I met with my new counselor in the morning, we discussed many elements of the complex trauma I live with every day. I brought up “bullet points” of the experiences that I would like to discuss, work on, get a lot of help for. Before the appointment even really began, I told my counselor one thing, one very important factor in my quest toward self improvement and survival, I told her I was LGBTQ, and if she had a problem with that I needed to know. Without talking about who I am, there is no way in hell I will ever be able to get the help I need. Of course, there was no problem. Thank God, since laws are being made every day that allow counselors and doctors to deny me and other LGBTQ individuals life saving treatment. Yes, counseling is a life saving treatment. I must add that I acknowledge the privilege in even being able to get the treatment I am. I am hoping that by sharing my journey it will also show just how much mental health services are needed to help so many of us that struggle and are at risk of losing our lives.

A few “bullet points” I went over included being physically abused, molested, raped, and engaged in an extremely abusive relationship. Yes, a lot of what I will write about will be tough beyond anything I’ve ever done. One of the most vulnerable topics I will discuss is a lot of the sexual dysfunction that has plagued me because of those experiences. I’m holding nothing back.

So, a trigger warning, my writing will be very difficult to digest for many people. I want every one to read what I have to share, but I know many won’t be able to. But for those of you who do, and it may still be difficult to handle, please have someone you can go to, to talk about any triggers you may have. Please have a support system.

Thank you to all who will be joining me on this journey.

Here we go…………………………………..

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